NEW and RETURNING players have do this each year.

All forms have to be completed before a player can participate. PlanetHS has online forms, printable forms, and a physical that must be filled out by a doctor. Forms must be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Director, so waiting till the last minute is not recommended.

Both the parent and student will need to create a PlanetHS account to complete and digitally sign the web-forms.

Players must have current physical (after 4/1/21) and be cleared through PlanetHS to participate. Please select IRMO HIGH SCHOOL as the school (even if middle school grades) and select SOCCER.

Physicals can be completed at Minute Clinic for around $69.00 and some local Urgent Care facilities have them for $20.00. Your pediatrician can also fill out this form.

Where Do I Get the Forms?

All needed forms (including the physical form) can be found on PlanetHS and downloaded. See the image below: