Player Expectations

We expect to develop and maintain a tradition of excellence. It is important for the players to have a positive reputation within our school and community through proper dress, behavior and playing style. All Irmo soccer players and their parents must read and understand the following information

As a player I will:

  • Do my best to respect the game and play to the best of my ability at all times.
  • Promise to work hard at practice and games to improve my soccer skills and my understanding of the game.
  • I understand the amount of playing time I receive in games will be based on my skills, determination in practice, punctuality, and attitude. I know that I may receive more or less playing than other team members, playing time is not guaranteed, and should not be expected.
  • Attend all games and practices with proper preparation (i.e., mental, physical, and nutritional, even if injured).
  • Inform coach if I am unable to attend a game, training session, or team meeting.
  • Lose playing time or be removed from the team if I fail to attend practices.
  • Abide by my coach’s decision regarding playing time and positioning.
  • Have a positive and never quit attitude.
  • Exemplify and demonstrate sportsmanship at all times.
  • Commit to my team the entire season and during playoffs.
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!
  • Give maximum effort in the classroom and maintain eligibility.
  • Participate in all fundraiser activities.
  • Respect all referees and coaches, and accept their decisions without question.
  • Give encouragement to my fellow teammates. I understand that we as players must respect each other. This is essential for effective teamwork. It is not necessary that players are good friends off the field, but on the field, everyone must work toward the common goal -WINNING A DISTRICT AND EVENTUALLY A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!
  • Immediately report any injury to my coach or trainer
  • Respect my coach, captain & my opponents
  • Learn and obey the laws of the game
  • Stay Fit
  • Be the BEST that I can be at all times; for myself, my team, Irmo HS and my family.