Uniforms and Dress Code

During travel, tournaments, and at games, athletes should always have on something in school colors, or (preferably) with our logo. We should always be proud of our school and the team.

Game Day:
All players are required to dress up on game day in an effort to show support and respect for our team. All players will wear the required black polo and appropriate pants (khaki or black). Feel good, look good, play good!

Athletes will be issued uniforms as needed. Every effort should be made to take care of these uniforms, as they are always the property of Irmo High. When washing, please wash in cold water, and DO NOT DRY them – just hang them up – and they will dry quickly. No part of the uniform should be worn to school, or used to practice in – they are for games and special events only as designated by the coach or captains. Athletes should return the uniforms no later than two days after their last game, clean, dry, and in a zip-loc bag with their complete name on it. Athletes should give the uniform to the designated Coach only, and should not leave them in a classroom, the front office, any other Coach, or another athlete. Please take care of the uniform, and return it promptly.